Why Rideshare?

Why you should consider ridesharing

  • Cleaner Air

    Less cars on the road means less vehicles producing emissions that are put into the air we breathe every day. This not only leads to increased health, but also protects our planet for years to come.

  • Reduced Traffic

    If you live in a big city, you've probably experienced the negative effects of large amounts of traffic on the road all at once. Now imagine if everybody picked rideshare. We would travel much quicker and more efficiently.

  • Lower Travel Costs

    When you split the cost of a trip with another person, you save money. Ridesharing not only leads to cleaner air and reduced traffic, but also allows you to keep more money in your pocket when you travel.


A few interesting statistics about ridesharing

0 press mentions about "ridesharing" in 2014
0 Uber ride requests per week
0 average taxi rides in San Francisco
0 percent average yearly industry growth
0 percent drop in Seattle DUIs since Uber launched there

Featured Partners

The best rideshare resources on the web


Comprehensive Resource

As one of the first websites to cover the rideshare industry, Rideshareapps has cemented itself as a trusted resource, covering the latest promotions, news, and resources.


Information, Resources, Promotions

Launched in 2006, Ridester offers a platform that connects riders and drivers looking for carpooling rides. They've gained tons of press attention and have an incredibly strong userbase of 50,000+.

The Rideshare Guy

Comprehensive Resource

The Rideshare Guy is hands down one of the most trusted rideshare resources, and has established his blog as the "go-to" resource for rideshare information and media appearances.

The Rideshare Owl

A recent up-and-comer in the rideshare industry coverage space is The Rideshare Owl. This blog covers the industry, and provides the latest news and information for riders and drivers.

National Rideshare Sites

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Sign Up To Drive

Want to drive for a rideshare company? Here's how

  • Lyft
    $750+ Sign-on Bonus
    Work your own hours
    Drive your own car
    Multiple platform options
    Friendly riders
    Great rider tips
    Instant payout abilities
  • Uber
    $750+ Sign-on Bonus
    Work your own hours
    Drive your own car
    Multiple platform options
    Business riders
    Exclusive discounts
    Instant payout abilities
  • Postmates
    $250+ Sign-on Bonus
    Work your own hours
    Delivery method choice
    Multiple platform options
    Friendly customers
    Great courier tips
    Exclusive courier perks


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